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Brynford Swing Park, Brynford

Brynford Swing Park
The swing park is in really good condition. It contains a tyre swing, a modern day take on a seesaw, swings for older and smaller ones for younger children, a climbing frame with slide, a climbing frame and a tight rope obstacle course. There are benches to sit down on and plenty of green grass to have a nice picnic. The park is enclosed, therefore dogs are kept out. Dogs can easily be tied up to the fence outside the park. Parking is available.

address: at the Brynford cross roads, instead of turning left to the golf course, turn right. Its 200 yards on your right

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Waen y Brodlas Lime kilns activity header

Waen y Brodlas Lime kilns, Brynford

Waen y Brodlas Lime kilns
It is a fascinating place to visit for those that are interested in history. The limekilns once produced large amounts of hydraulic lime (aberdo limestone) used for building the docks at Liverpool, Birkenhead and Belfast, and the bridges at Menai and Runcorn. The main aberdo quarry was at Pant-y-pydew, where this impressive block of five kilns remains. The peak production of lime was between 1860 and 1880, with business declining in the 1890ís, finally closing in 1914. The kilns which fell into disrepair have since been restored.

address: Brynford

on the map: directions to Waen y Brodlas Lime kilns

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