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Conkers, seasonal

Conkers is a traditional Autumnal game enjoyed by children (and adults) for many centuries

What do you need?
1. A few conkers, the best ones are uncracked, firm and a similar size and shape.
2. 2 pieces of string about 25 cm long or an old shoelace will do the trick.
3. Make a hole through the middle of the conker and thread the string/shoelace through the hole and tie a not in it(Top Tip adults - use a 3mm drill to make the hole, quick and easy)

How to play
1. You will need 2 players (similar size helps)
2. Each player takes it in turns to hit their opponents conker. One player lets their conker dangle whilst the other tries to hit it.
3. The player who eventually breaks their opponents conker wins!

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Bird seed feeder, seasonal

Making a bird seed feeder for the autumn or winter is great fun for the kids and also very welcomed by the birds. It is also a great way of drawing in birds into your garden.

Materials needed:

1. A yoghurt pot
2. A length of string
3. Bird seed
4. Any other nuts, seeds or raisins in your cupboards
5. A block of Lard


1. Leave your lard out so it rises to room temperature
2. Carefully use a pencil to make a small hole in the yoghurt pot
3. Make a large knot at the end of the string and thread the string through the hole in the cup
4. Cut the lard into cubes (ice cube size) and place in a bowl.
5. Add the seed and the rest of your ingredients gradually
6. Use your fingers to start squidging the lard and mixture together until it holds together and all the ingredients are mixed in.
7. Fill your yoghurt pot with the mixture and press it in.
8. Place the pots in the fridge for an hour or 2 to set
9. Once set, you are ready to tie the pots up on your trees and watch the birds flock in to feed.

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Feed the Birds with a Pinecone Feeder, seasonal

Creating a pinecone feeder for birds is a great indoor activity for young children.

First, gather the following items: 1. one pinecone 2. approximately 12 inches of yarn or string 3. peanut butter 4. bird seed 5. waxed paper.


With a plastic knife (or fingers), have the child coat the pinecone with a thick layer of peanut butter. Spread the bird seed on a piece of waxed paper.

Roll the pinecone in the bird seed, pressing the seeds into the peanut butter. Wrap the yarn around one end of the pinecone and tie a knot. Tie an additional knot with the loose end of the yarn to create a loop.

When it stops raining, hang the feeder on a tree branch, preferably near a window, and watch the birds enjoy their pinecone feeder.

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Pine Cones, seasonal

Pine cones make beautiful decorations for your Christmas tree. Spray each in a colour of your choice so that you have different colour pine cones.


Pine cones in various shapes and sizes
Spray glitter in assorted colours
Ribbons or pipe cleaners


1.Use newspaper to cover working area.
2.Spray glitter all over pines ensure that you get inside the cracks.
3.Set the pine cones aside and allow complete drying.
4.Use glue to attach ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree OR fold a pipe cleaner in two equal parts and then glue the centre of the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the pine cone.
6.Use the pipe cleaner to fasten to the tree branch.

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Triangles - Christmas Tree Ornaments, seasonal

Use shapes and a little creativity to help your kids design simple and inexpensive decorations for your Christmas tree.


Spray Glue
Glitter in assorted colours
Sealable plastic food bag
Ribbons or pipe cleaners
Hard cardboard
Construction paper assorted colours
Paper hole punch
Craft Knife


1.Cut out triangular shapes from hard cardboard
2.Place triangle on construction paper, mark off and cut out corresponding shape
3.Punch hole at one corner of the triangle
4. Glue paper triangles on both side of cardboard triangle
5.Cover work area with newspaper
6.Spray both sides of triangle with adhesive
7.Put some glitter in a sealable plastic bag
8.Place triangles in the bag with the glitter and seal. Seal the bag tightly.
9.Let the child shake the content until the triangle is completely covered in glitter.
10.Remove triangle and allow it to dry properly.
11.Repeat as often as possible
12.Use pipe cleaner to attach triangle to the tree.

Please Note-Cut shapes for young children especially when knives or scissors are required to be used.

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